Leonardo Calogero



A photo of Leo Calogero by photographer Pam Lau

Web Developer

Hi, I'm Leonardo, or Leo for short. I am a Front-End Web Developer by day and Visual Artist and Graphic Designer by night. I bring designs to life one pixel at a time.

Web Applications

EncryptYou uses the magic of JavaScript to encrypt and decrypt short messages. It was a paired-programming project and showcases unique responsive design. Write a message, choose your key and start sharing!

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Pixel Perfect Conversions

Soundbyte was a project created for HackerYou to showcase a pixel perfect design conversion. By working with a provided Photoshop Document I was able to bring this project to life and rearrange the design to ensure it is responsive.

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Client Focused Creations

Topify is a unique web application that uses the popular Spotify API to display real-time information about top trending Canadian music charts. Developed by a small team, Topify's responsive design mimics a Netflix style carousel to create a memorable user-experience and interaction.

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